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Full Time School (Baitul Mukarram Academy) Overview

Background & Inspiration

Where there is a will, there is a way


Natural history tells us how it works. In 2001 Baitul Mukarram Islamic Society started with an enthusiastic group of people with limited resources but with a long-term vision; it is now a success story. Successful organization connects people to work together for building better community, and that’s why Muslims are building stronger community in the vicinity of BMIS. Now it is the time to think about how to guide and protect our children in the community where we live and grow, and it is the growing demand of our community.

Inception Of BMA- Turning Point

With respect to the above point of views, under the umbrella of BMIS, Baitul Mukarram Academy (BMA) began operation in September 2014 with the slogan / vision statement: “Our Future Is Our Children” in order to introduce a full time Islamic school with Ministry of Education curriculum. BMA was successful in acquiring approval from Ontario Ministry of Education. BMA successfully completed the first school year (2014-2015) fulfilling the curriculum expectations and providing students’ report card on the template of Ministry of Education (MOE). BMA is now under the stream of “Growing Success”. Join us for the protection of the future of our children through continuing empowerment, motivation and dedication. BMA considers your children as our trust to teach them with care, belief, respect, integrity & manners.


Education for all.


BMA commits to bring quality education and improves religious, social and cultural values of the life of the students through coordinated efforts and sharing of knowledge.


  • Each and every Muslim student.
  • A strong private education system that includes the Ontario Ministry of Education (MOE) curriculum and Islamic curriculums.
  • A partnership of students, teachers, parents, scholars & community people
  • The commitment and sharing of knowledge & skills of our staff
  • Equity, innovation, accountability, and accessibility.
  • Learning environments that are safe, nurturing, positive, and respectful
  • Building a model life of the students for their success in this world & here-after

Why BMA?

  • Education in complete Islamic environment with Sunni Akida.
  • Integrated Islamic curriculum led by Bonafide Olamas / Islamic Scholars
  • Ministry of Education recommended curriculum lead by qualified teachers
  • Experienced and friendly educators including Ontario Certified Teachers (OCTs)
  • Mentoring of teachers by experienced and certified educators
  • Experienced, motivated and dedicated BMA governing body with proven success
  • Focused vision and mission objectives that value each and every student.
  • Affordable tuition fees for the students.
  • Separate boys and girls section, male teachers for the boys & female teachers for the girls
  • Class size under 15 that is well managed
  • Transportation available upon request with additional cost
  • A Council for parents to take their consultation for continued improvement
  • Students’ recognition / appreciation program with participation of parents, and also parents’ & teachers’ appreciation programs
  • Students’ Nutrition Program where periodically all the students share common foods at school
  • Annual school improvement and evaluation plan, and teachers’ professional development workshops during PA days

Privacy Policy

We, at Baitul Mukarram Academy, only collect information, as needed, from you when you register your child with us. We use your information only for the purpose of basic information of your child to register for our database. We are governed by the Ontario Ministry of Education (MOE), so we may need some certain information from you. The school will exchange personal information with the Ontario MOE in order to assign, update and validate Ontario Education Number (OEN) and the personal information associated with them. To protect your child’s privacy we do not share any information with any third parties except Ontario Ministry of Education. In case of exception we ask your consent to disclose. We keep our all docs in the safe place of our office where the Principal or authorised person has only access. In case of emergency, we need parent’s urgent contact so we can contact you instantly, if needed. We follow Ontario curriculum to teach your child. We share a pool of resources to teach your child. We follow school calendar to meet parents in professional activity (PA) days. We encourage parents to check their homework and progress of learning and feedback us for their better education. We contact parents for anything we need to know about your child to do best in learning. To improve our service to you we need your valuable feedback which will give us avenues to improve our education system as well as instruction methods. We have three terms exam and produce report cards as per the requirements from the Ontario Ministry of Education. You are encouraged to ask any questions in person or over the phone or through email. We provide open contacts so you can contact individually when you feel it necessary. In case of update or policy change we contact parents and other bodies related to school immediately with details.

Personal Health Information Collection by Baitul Mukarram Academy (BMA)

Our designated staff at Baitul Mukarram Academy (BMA) are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of students. The following statement outlines the policies and procedures with respect to collecting, using and disclosing personal health information at BMA:

  • Personal health information will be collected with your knowledge and consent. The only exception to this is an urgent situation where there is a risk of harm.
  • Only information that is reasonably necessary to provide service will be collected. If information is collected for any other purpose, it will be done only with your knowledge and consent.
  • Personal health information is used for service-related purposes and may also be used for program evaluation, quality improvement, trainee education and risk/error management.
  • All of the staff members are trained to protect privacy and ensure the security of your personal health information
  • Staff members are allowed access to your personal health information only on a "need-to-know" basis.
  • The record may occasionally be accessed for external auditing purposes. However, the information will not be taken out of our office for this purpose
  • Information will not be disclosed to persons outside BMA without your knowledge and consent, with only a few exceptions. These exceptions include circumstances in which disclosure is justified by law and allowed by professional ethical standards (e.g., risk of serious bodily harm), or required by law (e.g., reporting a child in need of protection; reporting a health professional who has sexually abused a client; a court order to release information from a record).
  • When consenting to the release of information, you may opt to restrict the disclosure of all or any part of the personal health information. If however, in the opinion of the designated professional staff member, the information is reasonably necessary for another health provider to provide appropriate service, our professional staff member is required by law to inform the other provider that you have refused consent to provide some needed information.
  • External researchers will not be provided access to information that can be identified as being about our student/parents, unless they consent to such access.
  • Parents have the right to access any record of our student’s/their personal health information and to request copies of the information, with the following exception. If they are the custodial parent/guardian of a student who has been deemed competent and has consented to service on his/her own, they may not access the record without the student's consent.
  • If parents believe that there are inaccuracies in the personal health information, they may make a written request to correct their record. If we do not agree with the correction they request, they may file a notice of disagreement into the record.
These privacy policies and procedures have been developed in accordance with the law of Ontario, as well as with professional regulations and ethical standards. If parents have any questions regarding this privacy statement, they are requested to contact the principal at 647-701-9925 or to visit the school. If parents would like more detailed information, have a concern about our privacy policies and procedures, or have a complaint about the way their privacy has been handled, please contact BMA Privacy Staff, 3334 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M1L 1C6, Tel: 416-686-3037, E-mail:

BMA Governing Body

BMA is governed by Islamic Scholars, BMIS Trustees & Directors, Educators and Philanthropists.

BMA Chair
Director Admin & Finance   Director Admin & Islamic Curriculum   Director Admin & Academic & MOE   Director Admin & Maintenance & HR   Director Admin & Health & Safety
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