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Baitul Mukarram Islamic Society (BMIS)

Baitul Mukarram Islamic Society (BMIS), located at 3340 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M1L 1C8, Canada, is a renowned and well-established not-for-profit Registered Charitable Organization incorporated by the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Business Services in 2001 bearing the Ontario Corporation Number: 1472080. BMIS is also registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and bears the Charitable Number: 87124 4216 RR0001.

As a part of our extended programs, growth of Muslim community and other service facilities in Toronto, BMIS bought a Church with all kind of worship facilities at 3340 Danforth Avenue in May 2013 at a cost of $1.85 million without bank interest or mortgage. Worshipping, including all other Islamic programs, has already started at the new location. Because of this successful new project, a full time Islamic School “Baitul Mukarram Academy (BMA)” with Ministry of Education Curriculum has started operation since September, 2014. The school is approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Baitul Mukarram Academy (BMA)

Since BMIS started in 2001 with an enthusiastic group of people with limited resources but with a long-term vision; it is now a success story. Successful organization connects people to work together for building better community, and that’s why Muslims are building stronger community in the vicinity of BMIS. Now it is the time to think about how to guide and protect our children in the community where we live and grow, and it is the growing demand of our community.

With respect to the above point of views, under the umbrella of BMIS, Baitul Mukarram Academy (BMA) began operation in September 2014 with the slogan / vision statement: “Our Future Is Our Children” in order to introduce a full time Islamic school with Ministry of Education curriculum. BMA was successful in acquiring approval from Ontario Ministry of Education. BMA successfully completed the first school year (2014-2015) fulfilling the curriculum expectations and providing students’ report card on the template of Ministry of Education (MOE). BMA is now under the stream of “Growing Success”. Join us for the protection of the future of our children through continuing empowerment, motivation and dedication. BMA considers your children as our trust to teach them with care, belief, respect, integrity & manners.